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  • We are an entity under ICI and ISI
  • We are an entity under ICI and ISI
  • Hifdh Batch of 2014-15
  • Welcome party for our winners Hamzah and Adeeb at Qatar
  • Four Tanzeel students qualified to top 15 at Qatar
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  • Participate in Youth Taraweeh and keep up with your memorization.
  • Tanzeel Students lined up professionally for some motivational talk :-)
  • Our Home Alhamdulillah! We are part of ICI and ISI.
  • Hamzah Sayed secured 3rd place and Adeeb Bari secured 4th place in the final round of International Quran competition in Qatar.
  • Hifdh students listening attentively at welcome celebration for our winners at Qatar.
  • Four of our students Hamzah Saifuddin, Hassan Abdal, Hamzah Sayed and Adeeb Bari in top 15 @ Qatar
  • Hifz girls - Lesson time
  • Nadhera Program Function

Tanzeel Academy hosts full time Qur'an Memorization and part time Qur'an Learning programs. We are part of Islamic School of Irving and are blessed to be under larger umbrella of Islamic Center of Irving. Tanzeel Academy's vision is to Protect Qur'an in the hearts of our future generations. In its 10th year of operation Alhamdulillah, we serve our youth between ages 5 and 15 learn and memorize the Qur'an in the best way possible. Alhamdulillah, so far 82 huffaz have memorized the Qur'an from cover to cover and hundreds have learned to recite it fluently.

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  • 12th year of service to the community
  • 64 Full Time hifdh students
  • Separate batches for boys and girls
  • 200+ Part Time & weekend Qur'an learning students
  • Well qualified and exceptional staff
  • 82 Huffadh graduated till date
  • Many prizes in YMQuiz and other local competitions
  • Secured top prizes in International Qur'an competition

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Bulletin Board

    • Latest News

      We would like to congratulate Asdaq Aufer and Hassan Abdal on completing their memorization. They are our graduates #81 and #82 respectively. Please join us in congratulating Asdaq and Hassan and their teachers, their parents and all those who are involved.
      Our Graduates
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      Part Time Hifdh

      Insha Allah Tanzeel Academy is planning to start the Part-Time Hifdh Program soon. Please submit this form if you are interested in enrolling your children. Please hit below button to see the details and the registration link.
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      Hifdh Retention Program

      Insha Allah Tanzeel Academy is planning to start the Hifdh Retention Program soon. Some of the Program Highlights include separate batches for boys and girls, a class size of 10, weekend timings, mentoring by Sheikh AbdelKarim etc. Admissions will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Click below to take a brief survey that would help us create the program better.
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Full Time
Qur'an Memorization

This course is for the students who aspire to become Huffadh of Qur'an. This course enables each student to go through all the methodologies that are required to memorize the Quran and then retain it after the Hifz is completed.

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Part Time
Qur'an Learning

Age is no bar at Tanzeel. We teach children between 5 and 15 years of age how to properly read and recite Quran. We also focus on basics of Islam, basic dua'as and Islamic etiquettes. We also offer Qur'anic programs for adults

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Meet Our Staff


Director of Hifdh
Joined 2006
Mustafa Albar
Director, Tanzeel Academy
Joined Feb 2013
Maqdoom Saiyad
Adminstrative Assistant
Joined 2009

Hifz Instructor
Joined Aug 2015

Hifz Instructor
Joined July 2012




2555 Esters Rd
Irving, TX 75062
Br Mustafa @ 2145296111 or Br Maqdoom @ 2147352292
or email Mustafa.Albar@islamicschoolofirving.org