Tanzeel Academy hosts full time Qur'an Memorization and part time Qur'an Learning programs. We are part of Islamic School of Irving and are blessed to be under larger umbrella of Islamic Center of Irving. Tanzeel Academy's vision is to Protect Qur'an in the hearts of our future generations. In its 10th year of operation Alhamdulillah, we serve our youth between ages 5 and 15 learn and memorize the Qur'an in the best way possible. Alhamdulillah, so far 42 huffaz have memorized the Qur'an from cover to cover and hundreds have learned to recite it fluently.

From one batch of 7 students back in 2005, we now have 5 batches with total of 64 students memorizing Quran on daily basis. We have 5 batches of 11 students each. Two batches are dedicated to girls while three batches serve boys. We have 5 full time teachers and one administrator to manage day to day affairs of this program. Alhamdulillah.

Below are some of our key achievements in past years, Alhamdulillah!

  • 12th year of service to the community
  • 64 Full Time hifdh students
  • 200+ Part Time Qur'an learning students
  • Well qualified and exceptional staff
  • 82 Huffadh graduated till date
  • Successes in Local/International Qur'an competitions

Alhamdulillah we are blessed to have 61 Huffaz graduate from our school in approximately 10 years. Many of them are pursuing higher studies and leading taraweeh and regular salaats in various masajid. Please make duaa for success of this program. With Allah's help and support, we have been able to reach new heights. In past 5 years, many of our students participated in International Quran competition in Qatar. Our students learn to memorize and read the Quran in beautiful voice. 

Several of our students have earned prizes in local inter-school competitions, YM Quiz etc. In recent years, our students have been grabbing top prizes in Qira'ah, Adhaan and Hifdh. Few of our Huffadh represented us in the international Qur'an and Qira'ah competitions in Dubai and Qatar. One of the students Haroon Abdi, won the third prize in Qatar back in 2013. In 2015, Idris Nawaz won the first prize at Qatar's Tijanannour competition. This year, two of our students, Hamzah Sayed and Adeeb Bari bagged 3rd and 4th places at Qatar respectively.

Our part time Qur'an learning programs has helped hundreds of students learn basics of tajweed and have enabled them to recite it fluently looking into the mushaf. Presently, around 200+ students are enrolled in our part time programs that comprises of After School Program and Weekend Qur'an Learning Program.

We also conduct regular Qur'an nights and yearly Qur'an competitions at ICI for all ages. In essence, Tanzeel Academy has been able to trigger love of Qur'an from the early ages. Alhamdulillah




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