Ustadh Mustafa Albar

Mustafa Albar

Br. Mustafa Albar, the founder of Islamic school of Nashville, has over thirteen years of experience in the field of education, educating young and teenage students from various backgrounds. He has held various leadership positions at several Islamic schools in the nation and earned awards and recognition for his dedication and contribution to school improvement. He served as a member of the majlis alshura and comities in several cities. Prior to joining Tanzeel Academy, Br. Mustafa was the program director of the Quran program at MAS Quran Institute for the last four years. He served as an admin and lead teacher of Quran (Hifdh and Nadhera program) for the last several years. He was in charge of the Hifz, Nazira and Islamic Studies program. He implemented a structured program using the Nourania and Albaghdadi methodology for Nazira program. Several of his students were able to finish and memorize the Quran in full time and after school program. He also designed and integrated Islamic studies programs including Aqeeda, Ibadah, Seerah, Ahadeeth and Akhlaq (Islamic ettiquite), in addition of teaching the Holy Quran. Currently, He is the Director of the Tanzeel Academy. 




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