Tanzeel student Adeeb Bari won first place at the prestigious Imam Al-Shatibi Qur’an Competition:

Adeeb Bari who was representing Texas won the prestigious North American Imam Al-Shatibi Qur’an recitation competition which took place at Kennedy High School in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Adeeb won first place for the 30 Juz competition for the boys category, by winning the first place Adeeb also won $20,000 cash price and a brand new $46,000 2022 Toyota, Highlander, plus Umrah.

Congratulations to Adeeb Bari for winning first place 30 Juz at the 2022 Imam Al-Sharibi Qur’an competition in Bloomington, Minnesota. Over 530 students participated this year’s competition. Adeeb Bari also won Best Voice Category for the 2021 Imam Shatibi Quran Competition.

Congratulations to Adeeb’s teachers and his parents, for the success of their son memorize the holy Qur’an and winning the 2022 Imam Shatibi Quran Competition.

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